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Dear Soupies
There is this vote going on 20. June 2018 on the EU parliament that will have huge impact on the internet how it is now! They prepared it in silence and I just discovered it yesterday.
They want filters all over the web to prevent copyright infringements. They: big media companies that didn't adopt to this new medium and think it's unfair that information can float free and that people can link to their sites without paying. This aims to other big companies like google and yahoo etc but it will bring many small sites to shut down, because they don't want to or cannot afford those filters. 
Data will be more caged than ever.  Science, journalists, artists, everyone using the net for inspiration and sharing knowledge won't be able to get informations without paying or other barriers. Social media as we know it will die, meme-culture will die.
Please take action. Write an eMail, take a phone call, at least read and then share these links:
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